Top Ten Kung Fu Movies Of All Time – What Do You Think?


Which are the top ten kung fu films? There are a lot of outstanding martial arts movies to pick from older classics to more recent kung fu and karate movies.

1. Enter the Dragon. This classic Bruce Lee karate movie was filmed in 1973 and via many is recall one in every of his satisfactory. This movie stars Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and Bob Wall. You will also a widely known martial artist and body builder, Bolo, who has been in some of kung fu and karate films. In this film you’ll see Bruce Lee showing why he is a extremely good martial artist, by use of his short moves, use of a diffusion of weapons, and adaptability in his kung fu techniques. Great film! Enter the Dragon how many shrek movies are there is a remarkable exhibit of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do style of martial arts. Four chili pepper score.

2. Legend of Drunken Master. What’s now not to love approximately this movie. You will see Jackie Chan as a younger karate student who learns a drunken fashion from his drunken grasp. Drunken Kung Fu is a completely unique form of the Shaolin karate fashion. Whether this is an actual kung fu fashion, or was created for film is in query. In this martial arts film, you will see the drunken master’s students fighting an evil Wushu gang, in conjunction with their grasp. The final fight scene is a hoot! Jackie Chan is impressive in how he performs his drunken kung fu actions. The Drunken Master movie would not take itself too significantly, and employs an amazing measure of comedy during the film. The martial arts preventing on this movie may be very well done. This martial arts film presents correct entertainment value. Rated Four chili peppers.

Three. Jet Li – Fearless. This 2006 marital arts film is on the pinnacle of the listing for a greater severe drama oriented, historic, Wushu movie. Jet Li plays Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia. Master Huo started out reading martial arts by way of watching his father instructing other college students. Huo is going from being much less than competent as a kid; to growing his Kung fun abilties, and how much does lizzo weigh defeating all of his opponents. This is going to his head, and he receives cocky. From Huo’s irresponsible preventing movements, he suffers tragedy. This tragedy leads to reflection and a trade of mindset. Enter the European affect in China in the early 1900’s. Master Huo will become the Chinese Boxing Champion, who defeats foreigners, to create delight among the Chinese human beings. This is a brilliant movie, with wonderful martial arts movement and fighting. You may even just like the individual, hate the person, then love the man or woman. There is little humor on this film, however a awesome deal of drama, like a Greek tragedy. I actually have watched this film four times already, and never get tired of it. Rated: 5 chili peppers.

4. Big Trouble in Little China. This kung fu comedy drama stars Kurt Russell and got here out in 1986. While this movie might not be on all people’s pinnacle ten kung fu listing, it does stand out in the quality of the film, and the usage of many Hollywood film techniques. The story line is ideal with Kurt Russell somehow getting worried with kung fu warriors, a kidnapping, kung fu sorcery, and epic movement packed scenes. The climax is when Kurt Russell have to defeat Lo Pan, the mysterious kung fu master who is 2000 years vintage. There aren’t any gradual moments on this film. There is lots of action, and plenty of twists and turns. This martial arts film affords proper enjoyment price, and is a laugh to look at. Rated: 4 chili peppers.

Five. Karate Kid. This karate movie is the first of a sequence that got here out in 1984, observed through more Karate Kid movies with Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, and Elisabeth Shue. A new Karate Kid movie premiered in 2010, starring Jackie Chan, and Jaden Smith. This is a story  how much does an axolotl cost of a clever-ass child who learns approximately lifestyles and karate from an unassuming and arguable Okinawan karate grasp. Who today, has by no means heard, “Wax on, wax off”. This is a story of a kid who desires the entirety right away, however learns you need to work for something of fee. On the other part of the plot, you have got an unscrupulous karate instructor on the local karate college, who teaches, win at any fee. This is where the two different karate worlds collide. Daniel is in the middle looking to research Master Miyagi’s subtle teachings, as opposed to the Americanized aggressive form of karate. The film’s importance is showing that there are different ranges of martial arts. Martial arts are as lots intellectual, as bodily. Learning martial arts involves a lot extra than competing in tournaments. Rated 3 chili peppers.

6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon turned into produced in 2000 to excellent evaluations. In reality, it gained 4 Academy Awards, and obtained very excessive assessment ratings. This traditional kung fu movie starred, YunFat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, and Ziyi Zhang. This in many methods is a conventional kung fu movie with a Greek tragedy storyline. This film is massive in its range of scope, surroundings, and story line. This film includes a look for a mystical jade sword, and lacking treasure. You also have a love story, and an murderer to deal with. The surroundings in Western China’s mountains, offers this movie an amazing visual palette to experience. Some of the scenes of flying although the air were a piece atypical, but, hello, it’s miles a film. This is a great film with an abundance of expression. This is a classic kung fu epic. Rated five chili peppers.

7. Kill Bill. The first Kill Bill Movie came out in 2003. The 2d Kill Bill movie came out six months later, and finished the story line. This movie turned into produced by way of Quentin Taratino, who’s recognized for bloody and image movies. This movie stars Uma Thurman, in conjunction with David Carradine (Kung Fu TV Series), Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Vivica A. Fox, and Daryl Hannah. This is basically a revenge film with Uma Thurman finding the alternative members of her murderer institution and killing them for their betrayal. There are some scenes while Daryl Hannan, and Uma Thurman are reading below a Shaolin Master, which gives you a better underlaying of their training. The kung fu/karate movie has all of the factors of a terrific movie, with masses of action, suspense, amazing characters, and uncertainty of where this film will lead. Great film! Rated five chili peppers.

8. Billy Jack. Billy Jack is a notably obscure American karate movie. This film stars Tom Laughlin, and came out in 1971. The character, Billy Jack, is a component Indian, and lives out west on a reservation. Billy Jack has again from the horrors of Viet Nam, and just wants to be left by myself. The terrible guys in the movie want to kill the wild horses and flip the horse meat into canine meals. Billy Jack has a desert retreat to protect the wild horses. The bad guys choose on Billy Jack, considering the fact that he is an Indian. Little do the bad guys recognize Billy Jack is a former Green Beret and Hapkido karate expert from Viet Nam. So we’ve got traditional story of properly vs. Awful, and the coolest man seeking to do the right factor. When it’s time to fight, Billy Jack pulls no punches. While this movie did not win any awards, it instructed an excellent tale in an American setting. This became now not a faux David Carridine, doing kung fu. This changed into an American expressing himself with the skills he had learned to shield his circle of relatives and pals. This film is really worth seeing in case you come across it. Rated three chili peppers.

9. Kung Fu Hustle. The Kung Fu Hustle is a outstanding movie, with outstanding leisure fee. This movie, via far, is the finest kung fu comedy so far. The story line is outstanding with characters, bigger than life. The kung fu is extraordinary and fun. The characters have a like-capacity and stand out on their personal. This movie came out in 2004, and become produced through Stephan Chow. The film stars Stephan Chow, Yah Yuen, and Oiu Yuen. This is a a laugh film, and is definitive of extremely good film leisure. Keep an eye fixed out for the female with the hair curlers, and a cigarette in her mouth. She has mastered unique kung fu talents. Rated 5 chili peppers.

10. Shaolin Soccer. This is any other Stephen Chow kung fu comedy, which predates Kung Fu Hustle. This movie premiered in 2001. There are