“At the point when the moon is in the Seventh House 

Also, Jupiter lines up with Mars. 

Then, at that point, harmony will direct the planets. 

Also, love will guide the stars. 

This is the unfolding of the Age of Aquarius” – fifth Dimension, 1969 

At regular intervals around, we have another Astrological Age. 

The eagerly awaited Age of Aquarius starts when the March equinox brings up moves of the heavenly body Pisces and into the star grouping Aquarius. 

When will that be? 

Astrologers have no firm agreement regarding when the Age of Aquarius will start (or has effectively started!). 

In most cases, the Age of Aquarius showed up during aquarius zodiac sign the twentieth century, while others guarantee it will show up in the 24th century. 

We do know, notwithstanding, that it takes around 200-300 years to continuously change, starting with one age then onto the next. Also, at this moment, we are progressing from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. 

We would already be able to observe the Aquarian impacts. Mechanical progressions, science, and the web are the brand names of Aquarius – and they are largely effective here. 

The Age of Aquarius’ definitive objective is a singular opportunity and freedom. 

Having freed ourselves from the aggregate karma of humanity during the Age of Pisces, which is currently concluding, we are step by step beginning to change into having increasingly more unique opportunities (Aquarius). 

What would we be able to anticipate from the Age of Aquarius? 

How about we attempt to discover the appropriate responses by taking a gander at the past Ages. Before the Age of Pisces, we had the time of Aries, and before that, the Age of Taurus, we had the Age of Gemini, etc. We just have chronicled records dating from the Age of Leo: 

Period of Leo (10,800 BC to 8,600 BC) 

The Age of Leo was believed to be the “Incomparable Golden Age.” 

This is the point at which the Ice Age finished, and the environment started to heat up. “Heating up” = Sun (Leo). 

The way of life of the world during this time revered the Sun, the leader of Leo. Solar divine beings and gods were offered the most noteworthy appreciation during this Age; feline love (Lions specifically) additionally became predominant. 

Period of Cancer (8600 BC to 6500 BC) 

The Age of Cancer was the age of the “Incomparable Mother” and goddess love. Dolls of amble Mother Goddess from this period are tracked down everywhere. This is the point at which the matriarchal culture was at its pinnacle. 

People began agribusiness and cultivating, which permitted them to assemble homes, ‘train,’ and settle down (home and family are Cancer images). 

Cancer is a water sign, and this age was gotten by the Great Floods, as portrayed by numerous legends and stories, for instance, the Noah’s Ark or the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Period of Gemini (6500 BC to 4000 BC) 

During this age, people started to foster their keenness, just as dialects and composed correspondence. 

The Age of Gemini was also when individuals moved and exchanged the two artworks and thoughts among clans and different societies. 

The rise of legends and anecdotes about “Twins” (Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, or Enki and Enlil). 

The Garden of Eden is an Age of Gemini fantasy. When Adam and Eve tasted the natural product from the “tree of information,” they ‘became mindful’ that they were bare and were from that point driven out of Eden. 

The story’s message is that decisions and results come with more noteworthy mindfulness (acumen/Gemini). 

Before the Age of Gemini – during the time of Cancer – human cognizance was ancestral, not individualistic. 

It’s just with the Age of Gemini that people started to see reality through duality – e.g., the division of subject and article/Gemini; this is when singular awareness was born. 

Time of Taurus (4000 BC to 2000 BC) 

The Age of Taurus is when money and banking were developed. 

Money and abundance turned into the critical drivers for development during this age. People further developed cultivating, which prompted the improvement of urban areas and settled life. 

Bull love could be seen in many societies during that time, just as the love of nature spirits and ripeness goddesses. 

Time of Aries (2000 BC to 0 AD) 

The overall quietness found in the Age of Taurus, in the long run, concluded – the Age of Aries is the point at which the Iron Age with its weapons, fighting, and the incredible military societies arose. 

Folklore became legend-focused – portraying the saint fighter winning their approach to brilliance. 

History from this age has left us the fantasies of saints and heroes: Moses, Hercules, Spartacus, Alexander the Great. Manly divine beings tested the set up of female goddesses, and matriarchy was supplanted by male-controlled society. 

The Age of Aries is additionally when monotheistic religions (one cognizance versus various divine beings) were born. 

One especially significant paradigm of the Age of Aries was Moses. Moses denounced the love of the “brilliant calf” – an image for the bull – emblematically ‘proclaiming’ the finish of the Age of Taurus and the start of the Age of Aries. 

Additionally, Moses likewise talked about “what comes” when the energy of the Ego is diverted through courageous activities. 

The interaction of individuation – which in the end finishes with the “passing of Ego” – was essential for finding the “Guaranteed land” – an illustration for the Age of Pisces’ greatness. 

The Age of Aries’ cycle of individuation was essential; we people created mental fortitude and responsibility for fate. Anyway, once “Aries/me-first” energy was completely inserted in our awareness, it was the ideal opportunity for something other than what’s expected… it was the ideal opportunity for the time of Pisces. 

The sheep of God that was sacrificed at the introduction of Jesus was a representative finish of the Age of Aries and the beginning of the New Age of Pisces. 

Time of Pisces crossed from roughly 0 to 2000 

Following 2000 years of wars and military turn of events, a different methodology was required. 

As the Age of Pisces arose, humankind agreed that the conscience advancement (from the Age of Aries) was sufficiently not; and that the inner self should be diverted through something more prominent. 

The Age of Pisces presented giving up, sympathy, benevolence, good cause, compassion, and sacrifice. 

The fighter legend ideal of the Aries age advanced into the otherworldly ideal of the holy person. The Age of Pisces has been the period of great world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. 

Likewise, with any celestial age, the creature imagery is strikingly exacting. The image of Christians is the fish. Jesus’ followers were anglers. 

At the core of Jesus’ (and other strict pioneers) lessons was the possibility that we should cherish each other because we are every one of the ‘ones,’ and loathe somebody intended to hate oneself. 

Jesus started the period of Pisces with his sacrifice; through sacrifice, our “wrongdoings” were washed away. Pisces, in reality, is associated with the images of “sins” or “karmic stuff,” yet in addition, with the chance to be delivered and recovered from these through sacrifice and give up. 

The image of “Pisces” is two fish that swim in different ways, yet an umbilical line integrates them. This picture is an image for the “inner self,” and the “soul” that have different plans yet are essential for the equivalent ‘entirety’. 

The higher reason for the Age of Pisces is understanding that partition is only a fantasy and that we can turn out to be ‘entire once more’ when we accommodate the Ego and the Soul, or the YIN and YANG parts of our mind. 

This cycle of compromise is difficult, yet it’s just when we track down the inward solidarity that we will want to venture into the Age of Aquarius with mindfulness. 

Period of Aquarius (2000-4000) 

However long the sense of self is independent of the spirit, we will not have opportunity and progress (Aquarius’ higher manifestation), yet rather will have division and will keep on endeavoring to utilize machines (weapons, robots, or the web) to justify one side of the story – by the same token “the personality” or “the spirit.” 

Notwithstanding, sometime, toward the finish of this ‘enormous fight,’ when we’ll accommodate the YIN and the YANG, and we will ultimately track down “another Renaissance” – or the victory of Aquarius’ most important qualities: philanthropy, information, reason, advancement, and individuals who run after the main objective. 

As we shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we will discover that every individual is significant – not as an indistinct mass simple to move (Age of Pisces). 

Every one of us is born for an explanation, and we as a whole can carry our commitment to the improvement of society. Every one of us can make the world a special spot. 

Aquarius is the contrary sign from Leo. Leo is the thing that makes us novel. Leo is the maker, the pioneer. Aquarius takes Leo’s extraordinary characteristics to “a higher level,” placing them into a higher setting. 

“Me” is placed into the utilization of “We” – so we can make something a lot more prominent than the number of individual endeavors. To get to “We,” we need to recognize every individual’s extraordinary characteristics. 

In Greek folklore, Aquarius is Prometheus, the Titan God that took fire from the Gods and offered it to people. 

The fire is, obviously, an image for the light of information, yet Aquarius is an image for power and different sorts of sustainable power. 

We have begun to observe the impact of the Age of Aquarius since the late eighteenth century, with the disclosure of Uranus (Aquarius’ cutting edge ruler), which also corresponded with the revelation of power. 

These Aquarian impacts have from that point forward intensified, particularly over the most recent 50 years. 

During this new age, we can anticipate that new types of energies should be found. Other likely advancements are artificial knowledge, space travel, and associations with different types of life. 

Aquarius is the most worldwide indication of the zodiac – it rules organizations and networks dependent on a common vision. In the following 2000 years, there’s no more spot for hierarchical, progressive societies or outrageous.