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Picking Apart The 10 Teams That Won College Football’s BCS Bowl Lottery

While the BCS Standings may have had a wreck in figuring out which groups should play for school football’s public title, incidentally, Ohio State and Louisiana State may have been the most ideal decision all things considered.

In investigating the 10 groups that won the current year’s bowl lottery with the most noteworthy payouts for the 5 significant BCS bowl games, I made another framework to assess the groups in question. Maybe than add to the all around overwhelmed suppositions about who ought to or ought not have been picked, I have chosen to apply some chilly, hard realities that are past question.

My premise is the real NCAA ordinary season group insights for the 5 primary hostile and 5 principle cautious classifications. These are Scoring Offense, Total Offense, Rushing Offense, Passing Offense, Pass Efficiency Offense, Scoring Defense, Total Defense, Rushing Defense, Pass Defense and Pass Efficiency Defense. A mathematical worth (1 to 5) was then appointed for the 119 Division 1A schools. The Top 10 in every class got a “Incredible” rating of 5, the following 20 got a “Great” rating of 4, the following 59 an “Normal” rating of 3, the following 20 a “Poor” rating of 2, and the last 10 a “Awful” evaluating of 1.

The Great and Good evaluations address the top 25% of the schools, the Average rating addresses the center half, and the Poor and Terrible appraisals address the base 25% of the schools. Given this framework, the best quality game (not really the best game) during the bowl season likely could be the Ohio State-Louisiana State (LSU) coordinate in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game. Here is the reason:

1) An ideal score in the 5 protective classifications is 25 and Ohio State (11-1) fits the profile with an ideal 25 score. The Buckeyes lead the country in 4 of the 5 classes: รู้เทคนิคแทงบอลรอง Scoring Defense, Total Defense, Pass Defense and Pass Efficiency Defense, and rank No. 3 in Rushing Defense. Ohio State is, indeed, the best cautious group in the nation dependent on genuine outcomes.

2) LSU (11-2) is among the Top 10 groups in 3 cautious classifications: No. 3 in Total Defense and Pass Efficiency Defense, and No. 9 in Pass Defense. The Tigers are Good in the other two classes for a complete score of 23.

3) On offense neither one of the teams is great. Ohio State is Good in 2 classes and Average in 3 others for a 17 absolute score, while LSU is Good in 3 classifications and Average in 2 others for a 18 score.

4) Adding up their hostile and protective aggregates, Ohio State scores 42 out of an ideal 50, and LSU scores 41. This ought to be a lower scoring guarded fight with the entirety of the reserves of an extraordinary public title game going down to the last minutes. Consider it a shot in the dark.

The Rose Bowl pits Southern California (10-2) and Illinois (9-3) with a particular benefit for Southern Cal (USC) on the grounds that it is the lone other group among the 10 BCS bowl competitors that has an ideal 25 score on edge side of the ball. USC, similar to Ohio State, is in the Top 10 broadly in every one of the 5 guarded classifications, positioning No. 2 in Total Defense and No. 4 in both Rushing Defense and Scoring Defense. Illinois is Good in 2 classifications and Average in 3 others for a sum of 17 out of 25.

Both USC and Illinois tie for the least all out score with 15 among the 5 hostile classifications. USC is just 1 of 2 groups to rate Average in each hostile class. Illinois is Great in Rushing Offense (No. 5 broadly) and Terrible in Passing Offense (No. 114 broadly).

The inquiry is “Can USC’s top of the line surge protection stop Illinois’ first class hurrying offense?” I figure the Trojans can. USC has definitely more involvement with this level than Illinois, and an extraordinary safeguard for the most part stops an incredible offense when the extraordinary offense meets better rivalry.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl ought to end up being a fascinating conflict between Oklahoma (11-2) and West Virginia (10-2). Oklahoma scores out a little better on offense (21 to 18) and West Virginia scores a little better on guard (22 to 20). Oklahoma’s all out score is 41, equivalent to LSU’s, and West Virginia’s is 40. Another great challenge.

The Oklahoma Sooners are Great in 4 classifications: Scoring Offense (No. 3 broadly), Pass Efficiency Offense (No. 2 broadly), Scoring Defense (No. 9 broadly) and Rushing Defense (No. 8 broadly). The West Virginia Mountaineers are Great in 3 classes: Rushing Offense (No. 4 broadly), Total Defense (No. 4 broadly) and Scoring Defense (No. 7 broadly). West Virginia is Terrible in Passing Offense (No. 113 broadly).

Search for West Virginia to run, run, run and Oklahoma to utilize its extraordinary hurrying guard to stop them. While Oklahoma is no Ohio State protectively, they carry substantially more experience to the table, having played in 3 public title games in the previous 7 years. The Sooners beat Florida State 13-2 for the public title in 2000, lost to LSU 21-14 out of 2003 and lost to USC 55-19 out of 2004. West Virginia presently can’t seem to play in a public title game.

Oklahoma should dominate this match. The Sooners must keen after a year ago’s embarrassing 43-42 misfortune to Boise State in a year ago’s Fiesta Bowl. Oklahoma gets back to a similar bowl game as a year ago’s misfortune and has some incomplete business, such as winning against a superior group this year.

The FedEx Orange Bowl game between Virginia Tech (11-2) and Kansas (11-1) ought to likewise be fascinating. Virginia Tech has the third most noteworthy complete guarded score (24 of 25) among the 10 bowl groups.

The Hokies are Great in Scoring Defense (No. 2 broadly), Pass Efficiency Defense (No. 4 broadly), Total Defense and Rushing Defense (both No. 5 broadly). Virginia Tech’s offense is Average to Poor so the Hokies should be acceptable on protection.

Kansas has the best hostile score (23 of 25) among the 10 bowl groups. The Jayhawks are Great in 3 classes: Scoring Offense (No. 2 broadly), Total Offense (No. 6 broadly) and Pass Efficiency Offense (No. 7 broadly).

Kansas is additionally Great in 3 protective classes: Scoring Defense (No. 5 broadly), Rushing Defense (No. 7 broadly) and Pass Efficiency Defense (No. 10 broadly). The Jayhawks and the lone group among the 10 bowl groups appraised Great in 6 classifications. Their misfortune to Missouri hurt a pack; they could possibly send Virginia Tech home with a misfortune.

The Allstate Sugar Bowl game brings Hawaii (12-0) up close and personal with Georgia (10-2). On paper Hawaii has a vastly improved offense, scoring Great in 4 classes: Scoring Offense and Passing Offense (both No. 1 broadly), Total Offense and Pass Efficiency Offense (both No. 3 broadly). The Warriors have Colt Brennan, a quarterback to be dreaded.

Hawaii’s safeguard in bad but rather nor is Georgia’s offense; the Bulldogs, similar to the USC Trojans, are Average in all cases. Georgia’s guard is better yet its Pass Efficiency Defense is Average. Georgia has played much preferred rivalry over Hawaii and should dominate this match, however I have seen Colt Brennan pass, and he is THAT acceptable.

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