How to Start with Online Reputation Repair

If possible, you shouldn’t wait until you have to focus on online reputation repair. Make sure you maintain a positive reputation and build a good image. However, if it comes down to reputation repair, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. You can still do something to change the reality. Here are some tips to help you with reputation repair. 

Apologize if necessary

If your company did something wrong or there were common issues, don’t focus on defending the brand. Instead, be humble enough to accept your shortcomings and release a statement. Apart from saying sorry, try to outline the steps you intend to recover from what happened. There’s nothing wrong with apologizing if it means you can move forward. People generally forgive if they see the sincerity in your effort. Make sure the apology is available across platforms and can reach as many people as possible. Consult with your legal team first since official apologies might have legal repercussions. 

Respond to reviews

People express frustrations through reviews. It’s good that there’s an avenue to share sentiments. The problem is it could also damage companies. People can say anything they want online, and there’s no way to verify the truthfulness of their claims. Hence, it helps if you respond to reviews as soon as you see something negative. It also pays to use reputation management software. You will get notified if any brand mention pops up. It allows you to respond to reviews and ratings, regardless of their nature. Be diplomatic, and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

Improve your products and services

Some people might write false and inaccurate reviews, while others won’t. Either way, try to pay attention to these concerns. Some of them might be true, and you don’t want to dismiss everything as an effort to pull your business down. You must improve your products based on these suggestions. You can even host a focus group discussion to ensure your loyal customers have a voice at the table. You want to hear their views and incorporate the suggestions to boost your company. You can hit two birds in one stone with this approach. You change your products to appeal to more people and show how much you appreciate existing customers. 

Don’t rush the process

It takes time to rebuild your reputation. But, after a while, you will succeed in changing how people see your business. It might not happen soon, but you can gradually replace the current negative image. Eventually, you don’t have to deal with reputation repair anymore. 

Of course, it’s not a reason to be complacent. You should always find ways to attract new audiences, and your reputation must stay positive. You may also ask experts to help you monitor your brand’s reputation. You can’t do the job yourself, especially if your business gets dozens of mentions daily. Besides, you also have other online marketing aspects to worry about. Asking for help in this regard will be a service worth your pay.